As life goes on, I go through various phases with specific interests (start something, learn something, etc.), so I feel that it is necessary to document what I'm currently working on and interested in. These are the things that occupy my time and thoughts, but they need to be seen through to the end.

Project Mosaic

Okay, so this is a project that I started on about three years ago. I began collecting some of the lyrics to my favorite Romanian worship songs and printing them out for personal use. My collection of twenty songs grew and grew until I reached the point where I now have over 100 songs, in both English and Romanian, with chords. Continuing this in a hard copy is no longer sustainable, so I'm flying to the cloud!

The primary goal is to create a library of worship lyrics across languages (not just Romanian and English). For this to happen, one needs a community. This community, made up of worship leaders from around the world, can work together to translate and share existing songs across languages and see Jesus glorified around the world. With a community in place, we can expand to include the general translation of other Christian literature for all.

Here are the current songbook files:

Bilingual English-Romanian

Monolingual Romanian

Learning Farsi

Eh..why not? I already went ahead and bought an introductory book. My goal is to surpass the level of 101 and 102 students at Emory and enroll in Persian 201 in the Fall Semester. This'll probably be a big stretch, haha.

So far, I've been practicing with the Perso-Arabic script, which is pretty interesting and not as difficult as I had initially anticipated. Persian (Farsi), being an Indo-European language, should also be much easier for me to learn than something like Arabic. I really want to learn a middle eastern language at some point in my life and visit Iran at some point, so I think I might stick with this.

Natural Language Processing

So...I decided to go through Stanford's free online course on Natural Language Processing so that I can expand on my knowledge base in terms of speech processing and natural language processing.