About Me

Unworthy. Forgiven. Alive!

Identity. Is it found in work? What about values or worth? I can go on and on about who I am, what has happened in my life, and what my plans are for my future, but in the end, all is vain. Life goes on, and without a unique identity and purpose in life, we are nothing. I believe that identity can only be found in that which is truly worthy and eternal. For me, I've found this identity in Jesus Christ, and apart from Him, I am nothing.

My purpose, therefore, is to glorify Him, and everything I do, I strive to do for the glory of God. Thus, before going off on my personal website about how who I am, I want everyone who lands on this website to know that it is Jesus who deserves all the praise and glory for what he's done in my life. He is the one that blessed me and formed me into the person I am today, with all of my unique interests, idiosyncracies, weaknesses, and talents. Thus, without further ado, here's what Jesus has done in my life up until now:

The Journey

I was born in Deva, Romania in 1991, approximately three years after the iron curtain was pushed aside and communism fell. Frustrated by seeing the same communists come into power, my parents decided to take a shot at life and move to Canada so that we would have a better future and achieve the American Dream. You would not be reading this if it wasn't for this life-changing decision. Thanks dad. Thanks mom.

I lived in Canada for roughly eight years, picked up English and French along the way, and abosolutely loved school. Learning was always a deep, intense process for me, and my curious mind was always satisfied. Upon moving to the states, I was mostly dissatisfied with the school systems until I enrolled in the Discovery Magnet Program in Columbia, SC. The focus on science and research was a perfect fit for me, going on to multiple science fairs/symposiums around the country.

Upon arriving at Emory, I went through a serious refining process where I narrowed down my career interests to psycholingistics and computer science. I am fascinated by foreign languages and second languages acquisition in general, but I am also incredibly interested in the practical applications in natural language processing and language acquisition.